Device-to-Cloud Security Infrastructure for Edge AI

SecEdge’s award winning solution

Secure your Edge AI deployment end-to-end

Integrated at the chip level and extending to cloud and data center applications, the SecEdge solution provides:
  • Device Security
  • AI Model Protection at the Edge
  • Secure Data Connectivity Easy integration and Management
  • A Development Environment for Accelerated Deployment
SecEdge Secure Edge AI Solution; Edge AI Schematic
  • Connection, Device and Credentials Management
  • Root-of-Trust Provisioning
  • Device Security
  • AI Model Protection
  • Model Data
  • Model Management
  • AI Inference
  • Model Updates
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  • Support For Wide Range Of AI Silicon
  • FTPM Provisioning And Management
  • Secure Boot, Update And Recovery
  • AI Model Protection
  • Key And Certificate Management
  • Cryptography
  • Secure Cloud Integration
  • Flexible IPSec Tunneling



  • Intellectual Property Protection For AI Developers
  • Distinct, Secure Channels For AI Model, Application And Control Data
  • Turnkey Provisioning
  • Quick And Easy Solution Testing—Deploy In Just Weeks

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