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With tens of billions of smart devices expected to be online in the coming years, increasing threats and network breaches, and new regulatory mandates for device security, an end-to-end, secure connectivity solution is critical for any Edge IoT application.

Smart device OEM’s and their IoT service providers need a uniform Edge-to-Cloud security solution that is easy to deploy and manage across a variety of semiconductor platforms.

Semiconductor companies need to provide their customers reliable, updatable solutions that enable chip-to-cloud security enabled by their hardware platforms.

The SecEdge software-as-a-service platform provides a complete solution including device level security, zero-trust networking, and secure data control and management, with connectivity via broadband internet or on-demand cellular data available anywhere.

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Unique, Advanced Digital Security in a Global Connectivity Platform as a Service


SECeDGE Digital Security Platform

Silicon-level Security To Ensure Device Integrity

The problem with software is it can be changed ... hackers are changing the device SW & breaching the network security, stealing IP.

Chip-to-Cloud Data Encryption For IoT Data Privacy

The only way to ensure privacy is to have the data-in-transit in an encrypted tunnel with both ends of the tunnel secured.

SecEdge MicroEdge Schematic

Large Scale, Low Latency Secure Connectivity

TLS and point-to-point manually configured VPNs do not scale, are slow, weak & expensive…

Disruptive Time-to-market, Cost Structure, Value-add Services

Closed systems are expensive to develop, provide a false sense of security & prevent third party value-add services.

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