Newsletter: Secure Over-the-Air and Local Updates with Sequitur Labs Security Platform

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Firmware updates are critical security events for any IoT solution. Recent high-profile attacks have occurred during the update process.

A secure update, done Over-the Air (OTA), via a local network, or manually, needs to provide essential functions:

  • A robust secure boot process
  • Protection of firmware credentials
  • Mutually authenticated command-and-control from device to cloud

Check out these resources to help you implement a safe and secure update process with the EmSPARK™ Security Suite and EmPOWER™ Cloud Services:

Digital Smart Device from Unsplash by Charlotte Stowe


Secure Firmware Updates with the EmSPARK™ Security Suite

Secure OTA Updates and Failure Recovery Training Module


Secure Firmware Updates and Device Fault Recovery

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EmSPARK™ Provisioning & Secure Boot for i.M8 Device Family

Boundary Key Pad Square


Boundary® Alarm Secures the Home with EmSPARK™ Security Suite

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